Music by Frederick Delius (1862-1934): NOTE: Delius was a master of orchestral color. Because of the limitations of the MIDI format, playing these MIDI files falls far short of capturing all the nuances of Delius' sound. The listener should seek out available orchestral recordings to fully appreciate the genius of Frederick Delius. Bill Thompson's purpose in recording these files was twofold: to have Delius represented with MIDI files on the Web, and to hear approximations of unrecorded Delius works. Therefore most of the following are early, rare or unpublished works, as opposed to a "best of Delius" collection. As you listen, try to imagine what they would sound like as played by a full orchestra.

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The stage works of Delius include the lyric drama Koanga, a love- story set on a Mississippi plantation, where the heroine, the slave-girl Palmyra, rejects the advances of the overseer in favour of a prince of her own tribe, Koanga. La Calinda, from this opera, is a well known orchestral excerpt.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files are very small, typically 30Kb and they work rather like a piano roll (the punched hole instruction sheet for old fashioned pianolas). They are an instruction sheet for the computer's sound card. Some make greater use of a music card's "wavetable" - a more extensive built-in or uploaded musical instrument instruction set.

More information on midi files is available from: MIDI Manufacturers' Association