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FAVOURITE SOFTWARE TITLES - these started off as mostly shareware (unlimited) or freeware "extras" - check conditions for upgrades
Click on Setup File to install software, or go to Website for more details

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Spybot freeware 4Mb Web Utility Spy robot - search and destroy! Setup File
Start Disk freeware 600Kb Utility Create start-up bootable floppy - will prepare hard disk for Windows installation etc. Setup File
Startman shareware 1.5Mb Utility To manage start-up programmes - will identify unnecessary and duplicate start-up programmes. Improves performance and reduces shut-down difficulties. Setup File
Stickies ver 4.5a shareware 600Kb Utility Another post-it note programme but one which works! Can double as a visible multi clipboard utility. Setup File
SyncBack donation 1Mb Utility File copy manager - menu driven Xcopy? Setup File
Thumbsplus trialware 10Mb Graphics utility Graphics file organiser and much, much more. Setup File
Tweaking Toolbox purchase/trial 800Kb Utility Tweaks various aspects of Windows Setup File
Vilma Registry Editor freeware 600Kb Utility Friendly registry editor - much better than regedit! Setup File
WinZip shareware 2Mb Utility Zip manager - the one everyone uses and which integrates with Powerdesk (qv) Setup File
WS_FTP shareware 800Kb Web Utility File transfer utility. When connected presents local and remote file structure ready for up/downloading files. Easy to use. Setup File
X-Fonter freeware 800Kb Utility Font Manager - installs, uninstalls, catalogues, etc (see also font utility from Setup File
XXCopy freeware 265Kb Utility XXcopy will copy files and directories in DOS mode. Can be used to clone whole disks by deleting files on target disk not existing on source disk. Setup File
ZTREE shareware 700Kb File Manager File manager with DOS Xtree Gold appearance. Good for file specs, grouping files, changing attributes. Useful as alternative and supplementary to Powerdesk (qv) Setup File

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