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    Downloadable Documents

    Document File Name File Size Description
    CFD flow chart cfdflow.pdf 3.6Kb Flow chart for IW Computability activity
    Ebook resource ebooks/ebooks01.htm    
    Clean up your history pcpro-june-2021-page 39.pdf 7.5Mb Describing how to find and remove social media history (from PCPRO, June 2021).
    Fragrance Guidelines fragrance-brochure.pdf 35Kb Fragrance risks and concerns
    Freshwater Notes freshwater_historical_notes.pdf 8Mb Freshwater - some historical notes (about 1960)
    IWOS CET ../iwos/cet/iwos-cet01.htm   Listing IWOS CET events
    IWPCUG poster poster-iwpcug.pdf 14Kb IW PC Users Group poster
    Music poster poster.pdf 47Kb IW Symphony Orchestra old poster
    Music tech music.pdf 44Kb Technical description of music technology
    VAO Presentation vao_presentation.pps 6.3Mb Pritti Patel VAO Presentation May 2013 (large file)
    Video Listing videolist.pdf 50Kb Listing of Roger's video library
    Video Listing with Images videolist-images.pdf 670Kb Listing of Roger's video library with images
    Vincent van Gogh vincent-van-gogh.pps 3Mb Starry-night/Vincent van Gogh (Powerpoint)