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    Roger's IW Practice Website Under Construction

    This is a temporary website while I practise on HTML language. It is written mostly "by hand" - in the specialised html/text editor Coffee Cup Editor (old free version). Web creation programmes are used in only a limited way in some pages. There are various "gizmos" where proprietory programmes are used to create tables from databases, pages of "Video Library" etc. These are all acknowledged for reference purposes. The files are usually uploaded to the website by the File Transfer Programme called "Filezilla".

    The object of the site is to learn various basic facets of web creation in the html language, while keeping things fairly simple.

    This site www.rogerskid.org.uk is hosted by Island Web Services Internet Service Provider and details of costs, availability etc. are available at that site.

    If you have any advice or would like to get in touch then please e-mail:   

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    And try my favourite web based "home page" e.g. "Protopage" with graphical favourites (and go to www.protopage.com to create your own.)

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    Last updated 30th August 2023 - and sadly in need of total revamp!