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    USB Key-Ring Utilities: I always carry a physically small 4Gb USB stick around attached to my keyring - sort of Swiss army-knife of utilities. Of course it's always changing and suggestions are welcome. Most of the programmes are free but you can check on the web. Some are actually worth buying. I use Mailwasher to look at my e-mail before downloading.

    Visit TechSupportAlert for best free utilities
    Download latest full list digistick.pdf in PDF format

      Jactron Link
    Adobe PDF reader 6.0 Original PDF reader from Adobe - Win98 version. See also Foxit pdf reader.
    Avery Label Pro (Eng) Label programme and so much more - bit quirky sometimes.
    Belarc Advisor Very full diagnostic programme. Produces a full report as HTML document.
    FastStone Viewer General purpose viewer - versatile and completely free
    Fineprint Print viewer and organiser. Print to screen and decide what to do with it (you'd be surprised!)
    Foxit PDF Reader PDF reader much faster and neater than Adobe Acrobat
    FSCaptureSetup.exe General purpose screen capture - versatile and completely free
    MailWasher Spam Filter - paid for version has effective heuristic spam awareness
    NoteTab Lite NoteTab Lite is a text editor with a variety of controls and facilities.
    pdfFactory Printdriver for creating PDF (Acrobat Portable Document Files). Works well with Fineprint (qv)
    Stickies Another post-it note programme but one which works. Can double as a visible multi clipboard.
    SyncBack File copy manager - copy/update whole directories.
    Wave Pad Audio management program, possibly better than Audacity; more versatile.
    WinZip Zip manager - the one everyone uses and which integrates with Powerdesk (qv)
    X-Fonter Font Manager - installs, uninstalls, catalogues, etc (see also utilities from My Tools or Moon Software)